Essential SEO Tools To Optimize Your Website

Posted Saturday, October 16, 2021 ( 12 months ago)

Last updated: February 3rd, 2022

There are many methods to do SEO. However, it takes a longer time if you’re to do it manually. A better and faster way would be to use the provided SEO tools that can help you out. With the help of these tools, you’ll have a better direction for your SEO strategy. Here are some of the SEO tools that can help to achieve the best performance for your website:

  1. Google PageSpeed Insights

    Tells you whether or not your website is fast. It also provides actionable suggestions to make your websites faster to improve user experience.

  2. KeywordTool.io

    Other than Google Keyword Tool, this is the best free keyword research tool. It allows you to generate keyword ideas by typing in a keyword. Use this to optimize the content on your WordPress site. Best free keyword research tool. Allows you to generate keyword ideas by typing in a keyword.  Use to optimize the content on your site.

  3. LSIGraph

    Generates Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords for your content to help you avoid keyword stuffing and getting penalized by Google.

  4. SEMrush

    Gather analytics and insights from your competitors to help improve your SEO strategies.

  5. Open Site Explorer

    Developed by Moz, this free tool allows you to check data for any domain name. It also identifies any link building opportunities, identifies top pages, and research for backlinks.

  6. Bing Webmaster Tools

    Tells you everything you need to know about your site’s visibility in Bing.

  7. Bright Local

    Comprehensive tool to monitor your local SEO. You can also find duplicate or incorrect citations that are floating around online.

  8. Browseo

    This free tool enables you to view any web page like how search engines view your website. It also helps you to identify the issues within your site and your competitors.

  9. DeepCrawl

    Analyzes your website and monitor the technical issues to improve your SEO performance.

  10. Forecheck

    A website analytics tool that crawls your site to uncover issues that may be holding you back from getting to Google’s first page.

  11. WooRank

    Addresses the issues on your website and identify the opportunities to push you ahead of the competition.

  12. SeoSiteCheckup

    An easy­to­use SEO audit tool that includes backlink analysis data, uptime reports, and site speed recommendations.

  13. Site Analyzer

    A high­quality site audit tool that hooks you up with useful information when it comes to page optimization.

  14. OnCrawl

    Helps you monitor your website’s SEO performance and gives you information on the  HTML issues, duplicated content, and page depth.

  15. Upcity

    An SEO tool and online marketing course that tells you how to get on the right track.

  16. Google Analytics

    Most webmasters’ favourite tool. Analyze your website’s performance on this tool and get all the valuable data to help you with your SEO strategies.

  17. SEOPressor Connect

    Gives you maximum control over your WordPress sites. Provides guides and suggestions like an SEO mentor to optimize your on­page SEO for better traffic and rankings.

  18. W3 Total Cache

    A comprehensive caching plugin that improves the user experience of your site. It handles everything from combine and minification for both CSS and JS to HTML linebreak and comment removal, disk caching, browser caching, and more.