The Singapore Botanic Gardens

Posted Saturday, February 05, 2022 ( 8 months ago)

Last updated: February 5th, 2022

Q: where is the only tropical botanical garden listed on UNESCO's world heritage site list?

A: Singapore Botanic Gardens

The Singapore Botanic Gardens (the Gardens) was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site at the 39th session of the World Heritage Committee (WHC) in Bonn, Germany. The Gardens is the first and only tropical botanic garden on the UNESCO's World Heritage List.

The Singapore Botanic Gardens is a 162-year-old tropical garden located at the fringe of the Orchard Road shopping district in Singapore. It is one of three gardens, and the only tropical garden, to be honored as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Wikipedia

Address: 1 Cluny Rd, Singapore 259569

Departments: Centre for Education and Outreach, National Botanical Garden Singapore, Singapore Botanic Gardens, Tyersall Gate, The Singapore Herbarium

Hours: Opens 5 AM · More hours Phone: +65 6471 7138

Management: National Parks Board

Created: 1859; 163 years ago

UNESCO Site Id: 1483

Public transit access: CC19 DT9 Botanic Gardens (Bukit Timah Gate); TE12 Napier (Tanglin Gate, from 2022)

Size: With the 8-hectare Learning Forest extension, the Singapore Botanic Gardens is now 82 hectares. The Gardens was previously 74 hectares, which already took into account the expansion of the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden.Nov 20, 2015

Singapore botanic gardens ticket:

The Singapore Botanic Gardens are open daily from 5 a.m. to midnight and cost nothing to explore. However, the National Orchid Garden – the park's crown jewel – only welcomes visitors from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. and charges SG$5 (about $3.75) for adult admission.

The 162-year-old Singapore Botanic Gardens is located in one of the most populous areas in Singapore. This is the tropical botanical garden that UNICEF has declared a World Heritage Site. The Singapore Botanic Gardens is a special place for those who love orchids. Its existing national orchid garden looks like a separate world, adorned with orchids. Dahum orchids and rare orchids abound. In 1981, it was declared the National Flower of the Organization of Singapore, and let's grow it. According to reports, there are 1,200 orchids and 2,000 hybrid orchids.

The Singapore Botanic Gardens is the oldest garden in Singapore and is a treasure trove for plant lovers and those who just want to enjoy the outdoors.

The Singapore Botanic Gardens is the country's first UNESCO World Heritage site and rightfully ranks among iconic landmarks such as Cambodia's Angkor Wat and the Great Wall of China.

In 1859, the Agro-Gardening Association of Singapore transformed 60 acres of abandoned plantation land into a popular recreational garden today. This project was developed by Lawrence Niven, whose work reflects the English style of the garden. This English-style layout, which you can see today, has been preserved almost untouched from past centuries. The park is also dotted with many historic buildings such as Burkill Hall, Ridley Hall, EJH Corner House, and Holttum Hall. Walking through the park, sometimes you find yourself in such places that look like a real jungle. But it is impossible to get lost here, even in the dark - the park is illuminated, and there are enough signs.

Singapore Botanic Gardens is not only a favorite place for relaxation and evening jogging, it is also a leading center for botanical and horticultural research.

A feature of the Singapore Botanic Gardens is the National Orchid Garden, which boasts the world's largest collection of orchids with over 60,000 plants and orchids.

The SBG Heritage Museum features interactive and multimedia exhibits and panels that detail the rich heritage of these marvelous gardens.

Singapore Botanic Gardens For young children (up to 12 years old) on the territory of the Singapore Botanic Gardens there is Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, where kids can play and learn all about plant life. And on the amphitheater stage in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, which is located next to the Orchid Garden, the Singapore Symphony Orchestra often holds free classical music concerts.

Also in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, there are many restaurants and cafes that can satisfy the hunger and thirst of any visitor after a day spent in the sun. Once you've had your fill of the park and are ready to return to the city's concrete jungle, you don't have to worry, as Orchard Road's main shopping area is only a few minutes away.

Entrance to the Botanical Garden is free, but the Orchid Garden for an adult will cost 5 Singapore dollars, for children (under 12 years old) admission is free, for students and pensioners - 1 Singapore dollar.