To Enjoy the Sweet Youth. To Be Beautifully Shaped

Posted Tuesday, September 28, 2021 ( 1 year ago)

Last updated: October 16th, 2021

Adolescence is a wonderful age, with a combination of twists and turns. Too many experiments. If you can enjoy the beautiful youth that arises only once in your life, it will leave a beautiful memory in your life forever. This guide is for you to be beautiful.

Hairstyle - Twisted ponytail

The ponytail can be your favourite hairstyle. But every day just putting on a ponytail brings a uniform look. So today we are going to change the ponytail a bit and make it beautiful.

To do this, loosen the front of the head slightly or comb it tightly and place a ponytail slightly above the back.

Now separate it into two parts and twist them separately and tie them together like a rope. Then put a bull band back on the tip.

You can make this style even more beautiful by using two beautiful ball bands on the top and bottom of the hair. This style is known as the Twisted Ponytail.

Nail art - Dot on the nail

My daughter wants to beautify her fingers and toes with cuticles. But before applying Qtex, you need to keep your nails clean and beautiful.

So rub and wash your nails thoroughly, they simply turn yellow. So rub and wash your nails well.

After washing thoroughly, it should be trimmed properly. Keep a base coat with you as you need to think about nail safety.

Once the base coat is dry on the nails, apply Qtex alternately on the nails in five or four or three colors. Once they are dry, mix the colors and place the dots on the nails as shown here. It's beautiful to look at, isn't it?

Jewellery - Ribbon beaded bracelet

This is for daughters who like to make their beautiful jewellery to match the dress they are wearing. There are so many of our daughters who love craftsmanship. These ribbons can be made into a beaded bracelet as well as a necklace.

Choose baby ribbons and beads to match the color of the dress you are wearing. Also, pick up a thread and needle in a matching color.

Sew a bead as shown here and then make a loop from the ribbon. Put a bead back and sew.

Save the ribbon to tie on both sides of the seam by placing the beads as needed.