Tea Cultivation

Posted Sunday, August 15, 2021 ( 1 year ago)

Last updated: September 18th, 2021

Physical factors affecting:

  • Areas with a temperature of 15.6 to 27 ( Celsius).
  • 1900 mm throughout the year – 5460mm
  • Slightly sloping ground.
  • Loam and laterite soils.

Economic factors affecting Tea Cultivation

  • Permanent staff.
  • Transport facilities.
  • Large capital.
  • Foreign market.

Trends in Tea Cultivation

  • High productivity in the small tea sector. Contributing 65% of the total tea production in the year 2005
  • The Tendency to replant.
  • Introduction of bud tea cultivation.
  • Expansion of research activities.
  • Establishment of the Tea Energy Fund
  • Modernization of tea factories.
  • Modernization of tea related exports.
  • Privatization of tea lands.

Issues in Tea Cultivation :

  • Increasing the input price.
  • Threats from other substitute drinks. 
    • Drinks like Coca Cola
    • Coffee
  • Competitiveness in the international market due to high production in other countries.
    • India
    • Tanzania
  • The danger of new countries entering the world market.
    • Kenya
    • Uganda
    • Malawi
  • Shortage of workers in the low country tea industry.
  • Increased soil erosion in tea estates.
  • Employee issues.

Steps to be taken to improve tea cultivation and production:

  • Renovation and modernization of tea factories.
  • Establishment of the Tea Small Holdings Development Authority and advising on small tea with a  30% subsidy on this tea. In addition, expansion of plant and fertilizer extension services.  
  • Cultivation of new lands with foreign aid.
  • Application to the Electrical Equipment Industry.
    • Electronic scales
    • Tea cleanser
  • Modernization of tea packaging.
  • Product diversification.
    • Instant tea
    • Vanilla tea
    • Green tea

Related Industries in Tea Cultivation:

  • Instant tea
  • Flavoured tea
  • Green tea
  • Pottery and Ceramics Tea powder
  • Caffeine-free tea

Tea Cultivation in Sri Lanka