Cultivation of Spinach

Posted Sunday, August 29, 2021 ( 1 year ago)

Last updated: September 4th, 2021

There is considerable demand. Commercial production of spinach as well. It is widely grown throughout the island as a home garden. Planting 2-3 plants in the garden can easily meet the needs of the family. Spinach can be grown in any area except winter. There are two types of spinach, trees and vines, depending on the style of growth. Large-leaved vines are used for cultivation. There is also red spinach that is edible. It's not so popular. There is an opinion that spinach is rich in iron. Gotu kola contains 6 times more iron than Sarana, Thampala, Mukunuwenna and spinach. The oxalic acid in spinach prevents the body from absorbing calcium. Therefore, the calcium in the bloodstream is not absorbed by the bones and may accumulate in the kidneys and bladder and cause stones. Therefore, there is an opinion that spinach should not be eaten often.

Giant spinach
Commonly used for growing large green leafy vines (giant spinach). Plants of this genus grow as shrubs for about 40-50 days and then germinate. Due to this, most commercially grown farmers remove the spinach bushes and sell them when they are 40-45 days old. It is not necessary to provide support for Ravi to grow. In addition to growing as spinach vines, some farmers also prepare a support fly. In this method, the immature stalks are harvested from time to time and harvested more often. That method is more suitable for home gardens. According to the growing style, there are two types of spinach, trees and vines.

  •  Large green leafy vine (giant spinach)
  • The type with red leaves.

Spinach planting material
Seeds are used for planting. A bed with a size of 10 m requires about 10-15 g of seeds. Although cuttings can be used for transplanting, stalk planting is disadvantageous as the plants that grow from them flower quickly.

Planting spinach

  • Planted with seeds and seedlings.
  • If the bushes are removed and harvested at the same time in about 40-50 days, it is advisable to plant the seeds in one place at a spacing of 15 × 15 cm per plant.
  • If the bushes are left unharvested and the vines are left to grow, It is advisable to plant the seedlings at a spacing of 45 × 45 with two seedlings in one place.
  • It takes about 5-6 days for the seeds to germinate.

Preparation of land for spinach cultivation

Spinach cultivation requires a well-drained area. The weeds in the area should be weeded and the soil should be prepared by crushing the stones. Drainage should be improved by placing raised beds in areas where drainage is weak.

Support preparation
If the cultivation is going on for a long time, after about 4 weeks of planting, prepare a fly above the bed so that it is about 1-1 1/2 feet above the ground level.

Fertilizer application for spinach cultivation

Both organic and chemical fertilizers are used for cultivation.

Application of organic manure for spinach cultivation

Poultry manure is widely used. Although manure is more suitable, commercial growers are reluctant to use it as it increases the chances of weed infestation. Dung manure can be used in home gardening. Kg of chicken manure per 10 m bed. Approximately 25 are applied. It is advisable to mix organic manure in the soil a few days before planting the seeds.

Application of chemical fertilizers for spinach cultivation

In addition to the application of organic fertilizers, higher yields can be obtained by applying chemical fertilizers. The application of chemical fertilizers is as follows.

Basic fertilizer
Per square meter of land area

  • Urea - 1.0 Kg
  • Concentrated Super Phosphate - 1.5 Kg
  • Muriate of Potash - 1.0 kg

Surface fertilizer for spinach cultivation
After 3-4 weeks of planting for 100 sq. M., Urea is applied at a rate of 1 kg/ha. Spray 1 at a time. After spraying urea, apply water to wash the leaf surface thoroughly.

Planting gap
15cm * 15cm spacing (40-50 days)

Irrigation for spinach cultivation

Water the crop well every 3-4 days. In dry weather, it is advisable to water more often without allowing the plants to wither.

Harvesting of spinach

Harvest can be done in two ways. After about 40-50 days the seedlings are removed and harvested. After about 40-45 days, the soil level rises to about 1 cm. After cutting the upper part of the stem to a height of about 15 cm, leave the bushes to grow again and harvest about 6-8 times. Young spinach flowers are also a delicacy when tempered.

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