Mosaic Virus Damage & Control

Posted Monday, January 17, 2022 ( 9 months ago)

Last updated: January 17th, 2022

Damage to the Mosaic virus

  1. When intensified, the plant becomes stunted. Spikes small.
  2. The disease can also be transmitted by rubbing the sap of diseased plants on healthy plants with knives, nails or any other means.
  3. Yield decreases when diseased.
  4. Plants are susceptible to other pests
  5. Plants become inanimate due to weakening
  6. The disease spreads very quickly to other healthy plants in the vicinity

Mosaic virus Disease control

  1. Weeds in and around the field should be removed as the number of plants causing the virus is high.
  2. Chilies should not be grown with Cucumber and Solanaceae crops.
  3. It is advisable to cultivate varieties that are resistant to the viral disease of cucumber.
  4. Diseased plants should be removed and burnt
  5. The soil should also be disinfected where there are diseased plants.
  6. Do not take any seeds and planting material from diseased plants.
  7. Natural or chemical insects, whether or not they are diseased from the date of cultivation, to prevent vectors, including whiteflies, from sucking the sap of plants.

Viruses spread in different ways. Plant viruses are transmitted from plant to plant by insects or other vectors. Some animal viruses are transmitted by blood-sucking insects. Each virus has a specific way of spreading.

Whitefly is a carrier of strange viral diseases

Three species of white flies can be seen, appearing as small white scales on the underside of the stalks and clearly visible as the animals fly when the plant is shaken. Disease damage of whiteflies can be clearly identified if there are small animals in the crop.

Whiteflies suck the sap of the plant and infect it in two ways: Cinnamon acts as a carrier of some viral diseases, increasing the risk of viral diseases in the crop.

This damages the yield quantitatively as well as qualitatively. Yellowing of leaves, stunted growth and stunting caused by whitefly damage. When infected with this virus, green and yellow spots appear on the leaves. The veins become clear and the leaves change shape. The leaves turn yellow and become very thin.
Destroying whiteflies can reduce the damage caused by whiteflies.