Cultivation of Black Pepper, Planting & Harvesting

Posted Monday, December 13, 2021 ( 10 months ago)

Last updated: December 15th, 2021

Black pepper planting, harvesting of black pepper, and processing of black pepper.

You can also save money by growing medicinal black peppers in your backyard, which is one of the most important spices. When gardening it is best to grow several black pepper bushes at once. Growing black pepper is very easy if cultivated on time. Some housewives do not have proper knowledge of how to grow a few black pepper plants in their garden.

To propagate a few black pepper bushes

Place the cut stems of a well-grown black pepper plant in clay pots or polythene bags in the shade and water in the morning and evening. Once the roots are well rooted, you can plant the seedlings in the open space of the garden.

Are there any perennials that need to be planted to grow black pepper bushes?

  • Do not pick vines that run along the ground.
  • Cut off the stems from straight growing vines.
  • Select and cut the young shoots instead of the dead stalks.

When planting, be sure to plant it carefully so that it does not get crushed.

How to dig holes for planting black pepper seedlings? For this purpose, it is best to dig holes 2 * 2 feet deep, fill them with rotten leaf litter, add black soil and plant the seedlings. These should be well protected from drying out and breaking off at a young age. You can also buy black pepper seedlings suitable for planting in the garden from an agri-company or a nursery. Sometimes when you ask someone for advice on growing black pepper, you can point out that this can be a very difficult and troublesome task. Growing in the cloud at the right time will not cause you any problems. Because of this, it is very easy to plant even a few black pepper seedlings in the garden. easy.

Harvesting Black Pepper

Harvesting and drying the black peppers is not that difficult. Properly pruned, black pepper bushes are easier to harvest. You will need the help of a ladder to harvest the black peppercorns from a tree or a pole. Instead of throwing the pickled black peppers on the ground, they should be added to a small sack. Then the black peppercorns can be separated and prevented from falling to the ground.

Harvest processing for Black Pepper Cultivation

Harvest processing of black pepper Harvested black peppers do not need to be dried raw at once. They should be kept in a shady corner for a few days and then soaked in boiling water for a few minutes and then dried in the sun. Leave the well-dried black peppercorns in a bowl for a while and do not cover the mouth of the pot. Dry gum will prevent the chili seeds from rotting. If you can grow at least 10 black pepper bushes in your garden, you can also take advantage of the opportunity to sell some of the black pepper at home. black pepper is a spice that has always had a good market. Dried black peppercorns cost around 5$ per kilo and can be chopped and packed in pieces and sold. black pepper is a quick-acting remedy for stomach aches and mucus and is used in a variety of flavors in everyday meals.

Four of which were used by the police for use.

  • Applying black peppercorns.
  • Grinding in stones.
  • Applying crushed black peppercorns.
  • Applying black pepper powder

In the last four, these are of great value because of the sweetness that comes from the taste of the black pepper.

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