An Eco-friendly Farm

Posted Saturday, December 11, 2021 ( 10 months ago)

Last updated: December 11th, 2021

The population of the whole world is increasing day by day. Food production for the growing population is currently a challenge. Reduce food waste to increase food production. Various measures are being taken to improve the quality of food. Organisms living in the environment, including humans, have to face both the good and the bad consequences of such actions. For example, genetically engineered crop varieties, overuse of chemical fertilizers, and the use of various chemical pesticides are detrimental to the ecosystem, causing harm to many living organisms, including humans.

Adverse effects of the use of chemical pesticides/chemical fertilizers: -

  • Ingestion of these heavy metals (arsenic, cadmium) through the food chain
  • Ecological imbalance due to destruction of environmentally friendly insects (bees, dragonflies, butterflies)
  • Contamination of water sources by washing away by rainwater
  • The increased production cost of agricultural products due to the high cost
  • Increase in foreign exchange due to import of most agrochemicals
  • The government has to spend a lot of money on these diseases

What we need to do: -

  • Maintaining an eco-friendly farm free from chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers can minimize the above adverse effects.
  • Instead of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, we can produce pesticides and fertilizers using plant parts and animal wastes that are available in the environment.

Types of Insecticide Extracts: -

  • Insecticide extract from fragrant leaves
  • Insecticide extract from anoda leaves
  • Insecticide extract from coho leaves and seeds
  • Daspetiya herb extraction
  • Mixed leaf juice extract
  • Extraction of Organic Liquid Fertilizer
  • In connection with leaf juice
  • Abstract curls
  • Worm liquid fertilizer
  • Live urine
  • Extraction of discarded fish parts
  • Fruit extracts

The use of eco-friendly pesticides and fertilizers in the above manner will reduce the harmful effects on the environment including human beings and will also lead to higher prices and higher markets for those products.